In Everyday Choreographies we will explore how we experience space through performativity and movement. Performativity is the acting out of everyday movements and gestures. It is one way in which we construct our sense of self. consider the way we walk: we each have a unique stride, gait, footfall, and rhythm. Frequently, our spatial environments and the objects within them propose particular ways in which our bodies move. These ideas are crucial to the design and inhabitation of interiors.
explore the relationships between bodies
This is my first apparatus, which is show my running. It is "dynamic" and "rhythm" movement, just stepping and breathing. And people breaths fast when running, the chest "contracts" and "expand". I used paper and cardboard to show it.
This gesture is when you breath in my running, it is also can be breath gesture, it is kind of exaggerate breath. Animal and human breath is Magical, When you breath, you inbreath air, oxygen. Human cells process oxygen, oxidation, decomposition to provide energy to our body.
But when we breath out, we out co2, co2, which plant can use it to photosynthesis. After plant process, it generate oxygen again, so it is circulate.
I developed the running apparatus, applied body twists goes up down and breath, more mobile responsive quality. I used light material, paper. and using clip connect paper. When I running, it flutter in the wind. But still have limit.
In the final model, I refined the running apparatus. I using eyelet to connect card. The card can rotate 360 degrees. Also I made some gradient to show chest movement expanding.
In the drawing, which shows when we running, the whole world is shake, vibrate. We see the blue sky, green grassland and river shake mix together. Also show rhythm and dynamic features in running.
This drawing I try used charcoal to show running
Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking Garage Façade by Ned Kahn and UAP
Brisbane Airport Kinetic Parking Garage Façade by Ned Kahn and UAP
Herzog & de Meuron architects
Herzog & de Meuron architects
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