The number of people leaning, sitting against or standing next to the eight columns in front of the main entrance to the VIC State Library during its busiest hour of 2-3pm on a weekday in order to find which column people tend to interact with most.
Easy to collect. Collume as a important architectual, providing a quantitative outcome.
Further use. Provide data that people how to use column, could use the data to improve publice space. 

Etic method. As observer, counted number of people leaning, sitting or standing of each columens. We used circle to present column, other simple geometric present stand, leaning and stand.
This is my data visualiazation, I used 3 different color to present 3 actions. Used colour gradient to show number value, large number will daker, small number will lighter. One sector show one pillar.
The second one I used chart.js which based html5 programming. 
• The 7th column have most people to interact. There was playing a chess game. chessboard is a influence factor.
• People prefer sit both sides, middle column have minimum interact.
• Overall, most of people choose sit.
Saturday 12:30-1:30
• There are a lot of tourist and tourist groups on saturday, so many people interact with middle column.
• After 12:30 pm, the sun is shine in that day, people felt hot when sit there. Most people choose stand and leaning to the columns.
The object I choose interact is “cloud”. I used hot glue gun stick cotton to the paper ball. And used transparent lines to connect cloud and tree to look like float in the air. 
Using deception to interaction.
Thursday 13:30 pm-14:10pm. 
Approximately 7-8 people interact with "cloud".
Almost everyone look "cloud" when people cross path.

SENSOR light
This time I used digital technology which are sensor light, this light can be turn on when people walking by. 
My plan is stick on the column in night to observe people which column are they like to interaction, is column that have light or not. But I didn't get people reaction. I got the security reaction.
I add light to the cloud, and put on the lawn. 8 people interact it in half hour.
VIrtual light
The final interaction which I made visual one, used photoshop to add clour to make like projecting to test people reaction from the colour, see what colour people prefer.
when colour projecting, people may choose specific coloum to sit, stand and leaning.
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