Monument is a type of building, which use to memory people or important event. Or this building for particular people  or a group have a very important memories of historic buildings or cultural monuments.
Memorial a Victoria, Londres, Inglaterra,
The Statue of Liberty, the symbol of the United States' freedom
The Cristo Redentor, a modern religious monument in Brazil
The Eiffel Tower, in Paris
LGBT monument
A large number of LGBT people still live in the margins of society, even some country allow LGBT people to marry. There are a lot of people discrimination LGBT group. There are some LGBT monument to  to honor the gay, lesbian and transgender heroes history.
1. Pink triangle in Catalan town of Sitges
2. Homomonument, Amsterdam, Netherlands
4. Wizard of Oz Rainbow, Sony Studios, California, USA
3. Homomonument, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5.Matthew Shepard Memorial Bench
1. This is poplar destinations for gay travelers in Europe. A pink triangle on the seafront was built in 2006 to commemorate the ten year anniversary of 1996 uprisings in the town.
2. This monument is memory all gays and lesbians, because they suffer persecute during the Nazi regime.
3. This memorial is a concrete cube, that have a small window where visitors can see a video of a couple kissing. 
4. The rainbow arches over the trees and rooftops of the studios where The Wizard of Oz was filmed.
5. In 1998 gay student Mathew Shepard was killed by two men in a homophobic hate crime. This chair made for memory of him.
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