I use cardboard to make the three cubes from large to small and use a projector to active it.
The cube is a simple shape. There are already many vision elements in the interior of Capitol Theatre. People are talking about overwhelming by decorating and light. 

I extract the simple part:  cube and projecting different sides in a different scene. 
The capitol
We visited the Capitol Theatre under construction. The guide explains the history of the Capitol theatre, what is the material of the ceiling, and every room's purpose. 
It is a different feeling to see the historical building under construction. Through five years of renovation, Capitol Theatre is ready to release energy.
Project info
We will develop the concepts, ideas, and processes from our previous time devices
and develop these techniques into highly resolved objects, which may be understood as interiors, devices or artifacts that translate a specific spatial quality of oral history. These will be exhibited, potentially with related ephemera. This oral history will give us the ‘verb’ and brief for our object. we listen for spatial, relational, temporal cues within the recording and consider what is an appropriate form/response to these prompts. Consider how is the space between listening and designing negotiated, how is the space between sound and object negotiated; how are time, memory, and displacement implicated through the process.
To projecting the cube, I project the different spaces of The Capitol onto the surface of geometric forms. The scene reframes the experience of the object. 
The composition creates an encounter with another space and therefore a re-imagining of The Capitol to examine the relationship between object, space and viewer.
Different faces show different content, a different scene shows a different situation. I made the diagram to explain.
From oral history, people saying the interior give a sense of dynamic. I extract elements from the pattern of the floor, the geometrical component of the ceiling, make dynamic effects, provide a different feeling to viewers, let people rethink of capitol theatre.
Technical Drawing
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