Boston Ivy Care
I refer Boston Ivy Care movement in this work. the Boston Ivy Care crept is the repeat movement. Boston Ivy Care continued turn direction along the wall. which make winding lines.

Water flow
Water flow is our common movement, whirlpool is the beautiful and incessantly water movement, water round one destination, shape balance and emphasize movement
The horse`s running is the complicated and mysterious movement, In ancient, a large number of scholarly research how horse running,  many famous painter recorded the horse`s movement.

Final Concept Inspiration
Men around woman
Hold woman
Strongly attached
Woman feel sad
Lift woman
Final Concept Development
Four men drag a woman.
Men hold up woman.
This final model I  based on the dancing video that excerpts of 'Terrain' (2012). I used thick silvery and red lines, according to video, I used red line to reflect women in the video, and silvery reflect three men. in the beginning,  A women lying on the ground looks sadness, and a few of men around her, so I used some silvery lines to build embrace feeling. Next, men drag the woman, I fold wire to wave shape. finally, all of the men lift the woman with rising. I bind the silvery wire and set red wire in the middle. This is final movement.
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